Atlas Pasta Maker 150 mm Deluxe w/Motor Set

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Atlas Pasta Maker 150 mm Deluxe Overview

Are you looking for a pasta machine run by a heavy duty motor and can give you the convenience of doing pasta recipes at home? Then you should get the Atlas Pasta Maker 150 mm Deluxe. It is a product made in Italy and is designed to provide durability and convenience for people who want to start making their own spaghetti or fettuccine noodles at home.

Who is This Product Designed for?

For those who are tired cranking out pasta with bare hands, this equipment is ideal. Equipped with motor of 220 volts, leaving your hands free to guide the pastry. Make pasta with 9 different thicknesses, maximum 3mm and minimum 0.2mm.

Features People Like Most

What people liked about Atlas pasta maker is that it is packed with all of the possible features that can give you the ease of making your favorite kind of noodle just in the comforts of your home.

It has special rollers from alloy that is safe to be used in food preparation, and can provide you with 3 types of pasta in various thicknesses. The package of the product includes, other accessories that can be placed on the cutting wheels especially when you are about to get the right thickness of your noodles.

With its 220 volts motor, you can make just about any pasta noodles you want without using your hands to accompany the dough. The product includes a crank for driving the wheels, a clamp for setting the machine on your tabletop and a recipe book to assist you with any ingredient you want to prepare.

Drawbacks Reported Through Users Reviews

Since this electric pasta machine is made from durable materials, users have experienced heaviness when moving it but it only assures that the built of the product is secure and does not compromise its function. Remember though, when rolling out pasta, weight provides more stable operation.

Our Verdict

The product is made to give you the chance to put on any healthy ingredients you want with your noodles and add extra ingredients to your sauce to match your diet. With all of the features that the Atlas electric pasta machine set can provide, people who want to make the best and healthiest pasta noodles for their favorite recipes can get the convenience of obtaining it while staying at home.

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