CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker 150

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro - Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle Rating:
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Overview of CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker 150

CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker 150 is one of our top-picks in its own category. Most homeowners prefer to have this unit because of its high end features. Unlike others, it is a well manufactured item, heavy and high quality finish. Especially at this price, the quality is unsurpassed.

Who Should Use This Product?

Whether you are a student, stay at home moms or dreaming to become a professional chef, you can have this pasta maker at hand. Since it is available online, it is easy for you to have it. Putting the machine together and attach it to the worktop is easy. Complete with pasta recipe book in the box, you will make stunning pasta in no time.

What Customers Like Most About It

This pasta maker has well-built materials and makes the most mouth-watering pasta that you shouldn't miss to taste. Its traditional pasta roller allows you to experiment and prepare different pasta recipes.

Among others, this unit stands out because of its heavy duty and shiny chromed plated steel. It also includes a wide roller with twofold cutter heard. With this, you can make wide fettucini noodles and thin spaghetti. For best usage, the unit has easy lock tuning dial and wood clench handle.

If you are seeking to make fettucine, farfalle or conchigle with your Imperia pasta machine you'll get the best model and the best attachment you will need.

Every Imperia machine comes giftboxed and complete with your own pasta recipe book that you'll have the ability to utilize to stun and amaze your dining guests with amazing culinary experiences that'll live long within the memory.

Drawbacks as Reported by Other Users

This CucinaPro Imperia pasta machine also has a few drawbacks.

Some users claimed the unit has varying warranty services. Some shops ask a lengthy warranty service while others are not. If you want to get the best deal, it is best to search for the best supplier (we recommend Amazon.)

A user said that the spaghetti blade is not what it says it is but more like angel hair. The machine cuts the dough too thin. We don't know why it is so but guess the result depends on the quality of the dough. Others have not experienced the same.

Our Verdict

This pasta machine is perfect for your daily cooking routine. You can also use it during special events. Upon knowing its different features and usages, you will surely say that this unit is one-of-a-kind. It marks to all users and highly recommended by professional chefs.

If you're looking to make any kind of pasta, CucinaPro Imperia 150 is worthy for your cash. With its affordable rates and quailty, you can easily have this item and start making a delicious pasta recipe. This is the main reason why most people love getting this pasta machine.

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Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro - Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle out of 5 based on ratings.
Reviews Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro - Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Easy Lock Dial and Wood Grip Handle $47.99