Norpro Pasta Machine, Hand Crank

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Overview of Norpro Pasta Machine

If you are interested with creating just about any kind of pasta noodles at home, then you should not miss adding the Norpro pasta machine in your kitchen.

It is sure to be the product that will give you the ease of creating your homemade pasta noodles and test your skills with creating just about any pasta recipes from scratch. You are assured that you will not have a hard time doing whatever pasta noodles you want since you can start doing your own recipe even at home.

Ideal Users for This Product

Great pasta maker for those who are price sensitive but still looking for great value. Suitable for anyone who wants to make super thin pasta, down to 0.06-inch sheets. Rolls 0.25-inch fettuccine the first time you use it.

Hate to clean? Good news as this equipment is easy to clean after use.

Benefits Customers Enjoy Most

With the use of Norpro hand crank pasta machine, you are assured that you will not have to drive away from home to purchase ready-made pasta noodles since you have this small yet durable product in your home.

What people like about the product is that, it is made from steel that is chrome plated and rollers that are nickel plated. This only means that it can last for a long period of time and will stand all the flattening and cutting needs that your pasta dough needs. Whether you like to get vermicelli, fettuccine or just flat plain spaghetti noodles, this product is sure to suit your needs.

The product is also equipped with a clamp feature that gives the entire machine a secure hold on your countertop and or tabletop whenever you are using it. It also includes instructions and is recommended to be hand washed after every use.

Drawbacks Reported in User Reviews

Other people who have used the product complained about its weight which is a bit heavy than they expect. We think it's a good thing though. Too light a pasta machine won't do any good as you need stable countertop to roll out pasta. Aside from that problem, people who used it did not mention any problem with the entire function of the product.

Our Verdict

Summing up the convenience that the product provides, there is no doubt that this heavy duty product will give you all of the function that it promises. Convenience, durability and ease of use will never be compromised since Norpro Hand Crank is sure to meet your expectation.

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