Roma 6 Inch Pasta Machine, Traditional Style

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Overview of Roma 6 Inch Pasta Machine

Making your own fresh pasta can be a very interesting activity, especially if you are a person fond of cooking. Cooking your own lasagna can let you feel even greater if the pasta you used to create it comes from your own creation.

If you wish to create your own pasta, using a functional machine with features, such as the ones offered by Roma 6-inch pasta machine could be an ideal choice.

Who Will Benefit Most from This Product?

Whether you're looking to make strips of pasta for use in making ravoli / lasagna or you want to make larger pasta, this pasta maker can accomplish them easily. Control the thickness as simple as pulling out the knob and turn it to the desired position. Easy to use for anyone.

Advantages People Enjoy Most

The traditional style pasta machine comes with a number of beneficial features that will surely let you make the most of your pasta making. This pasta machine comes from a reliable manufacturer who unites the traditional world with the innovative technology in order to deliver you with several years of service.

It is just one of the many pasta machines from Weston that mold the dough shaping the pasta in easy manner. In addition to this, this product comes with cutting heads that are simple to attach. They are used to make different forms of pasta, which include spaghetti, lasagnette, angel hair, fettuccini, half moon and square raviolis, and lasagna.

The pasta machine also features adjustable rollers that are useful for manifold thickness settings. There is also an available double cutting head used for spaghetti and fettuccini. It comes equipped with a C-clamp that enables attaching the machine onto your countertop.

Purchasing this equipment also provides you a recipe booklet with easy to follow instructions. It comes supported with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Minor Downsids as Reviewed by Users

You may find it hard to find a place where you will use the c-clamp to clamp the machine, especially if you are provided with a countertop with limited space.

Our Verdict

Aside from finding the perfect place to clamp the machine, there are probably no other issues you may find from using this machine. This makes it worthy for the price it comes. So, make sure to look at the features when looking for such type of equipment.

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